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Antikey PM Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do you sell the program in a CD package?
A: For now we only sell the program through direct download. But if sufficient requests are received we may decide to sell a CD package in future.

Q: I have forgotten my master password. Can you help me recover it?
A: Unfortunately we cannot. The encrypted file does not contain backdoor and we do not know of any practical way to recover the lost master password from encrypted data. Users are always advised to keep the master passwords in a safe place.

Q: How many passwords and user IDs may I enter in the program?
A: You can have up to 100 user ID and password entries to each list. And you can have as many lists as you want, limited only by your computer storage.

Q: What are the algorithms involved in encrypting password files?
A: MD5 and Blowfish.

Q: I only see five lines of password entries. Can I increase the number of lines displayed on the screen?
A: Yes, you can. Just "drag", i.e. press and hold the left-mouse-button and move the mouse, on either the upper or lower border of the program. You need to drag the mouse a bit further before the number of lines changes. Dragging the mouse on the side borders, however, has no effect.

Q: I tried to uninstall the trial version and encounter an error message!
A: Before you uninstall the program, make sure to uncheck the "Quick launch from the System Tray" option in the Option dialog. If the Quick Launch option is selected, the program will remain in memory, even if it is invisible, and the uninstall will fail to remove the exe file.

Q: What are the limitations of the trial version?
A: The trial version is fully functional, except that after 10 days it will warn you during program start. After 30 days the program will expire and will no longer be functional.